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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Privacy and the handling of your personal data have always been prioritised in everything we do at ApoEx. We therefore would like to be clear about how and why we work with cookies and other similar technologies on our websites.


You can also personally determine whether or not you want to allow our websites to place cookies on your computer. You can modify your selections at any time. Read our entire Policy for full information about which cookies we use and how to manage your selections.


Your consent is required

You make your own decision about whether or not you wish to approve cookies on your device. Your consent is required for use of cookies, but not for those cookies essential to enable the service personally requested by you as a user.


If you do not approve our use of cookies, or if you previously approved our use and have changed your mind, you can go back to your cookie settings at any time and modify your selections. If you are logged into the order portal, you will find cookies under Ändra inställningar [Change settings] in the main menu. If you are logged out, you will find this information in the footer when you visit You may also need to change the settings in your web browser and manually delete cookies to clear previously placed cookies from your device.


What are cookies?

The short answer is that a cookie is a small text file that is saved in your web browser when connecting to a website. Some of these cookies are very basic and help us to help you easily navigate our websites.


When we refer to ‘cookies’ in this Policy, this also encompasses other similar technologies and tools that retrieve and store information in your web browser and also, in some cases, forward such information to a third party in a manner similar to cookies. Pixels, local storage, session storage and fingerprinting may be mentioned as examples.


The websites will ‘remember’ and ‘recognise’ you. This can be done by cookies being placed in three different ways:

  • For the session, i.e., until you close the window in your web browser.
  • Time-limited, i.e., the cookie has a predefined lifespan. This time may vary from cookie to cookie.
  • Indefinitely, i.e., the information will remain until you personally decide to remove it. This applies to local storage.
  • You can always go into your web browser and personally delete cookies already placed there.


What is meant by ‘third-party cookies’?

We use third-party cookies on our websites. Third-party cookies are placed by someone other than the party responsible for the website, so in this instance by a company other than ApoEx.


ApoEx uses external platforms for its digital communications; these include, among others, Facebook, Google Ads and These platforms use both first- and third-party cookies as well as similar technologies to advertise and follow up the results of their advertising.


A third-party cookie may be used by several websites to understand and track how you surf between various websites. ApoEx gets information from these cookies, but this information may also be used for other purposes determined by a third party. Third-party cookies on our website are covered by each third party’s Privacy Policy. Please read these to understand the purposes for which the information may be used.


Read our Privacy Policy for more information about how ApoEx handles personal information in conjunction with transfers to a third party.


Cookies on our websites and what they are used for

We have identified three different categories of cookies to give you better control over which cookies are used on the websites and thereby more easily determine how cookies may be used when you visit our websites. These categories are defined on the basis of the purposes for which the cookies are used.


We have identified the following three categories of cookie. All of the categories include cookies whereby data is shared with a third party.



These cookies are essential, as their name suggests, and are used to enable the correct, safe and secure functioning of our website; therefore they cannot be disabled. These include, for example, cookies that identify you when you log in and that are aware of where you are in the purchasing process.


Analysis & function

These cookies provide us with information about how our websites are being used and enable us to improve user experience. For example, they may help us to notice a function that is not working correctly so that we can fix it. These also include functions that mean that we remember your settings, such as language selection, addresses, etc., so that you do not have to enter these every time you visit one of our websites.



These cookies help us and our cooperating partners to target you with customised and relevant information and marketing based on your surfing behaviour with us, even when you later visit other websites. Information collected for these purposes may also be combined with your customer and traffic data that we possess if you have consented to us using your traffic data for marketing and have not objected to your customer data being used for marketing purposes.


Cookie settings

It is easy to change your settings for cookies at a later date. If you are logged into the order portal, you will find cookies under Ändra inställningar [Change settings] in the main menu. If you are logged out, you will find this information in the footer when you visit We save your selections for twelve months. We will then ask you again. Please note that some cookies have a lifespan of more than twelve months. You may therefore need to change the settings in your web browser and manually delete all cookies.


More information about how to disable cookies can be found in the instructions for your web browser.


If you have chosen to turn on the Do Not Track function in your web browser, we will not automatically place cookies for marketing on your device. You make other selections in your cookie settings.


What happens if you block cookies?

It is always up to you whether you want to block cookies from us, but at the same time we want you to be aware of what a decision not to approve our use of cookies might mean. If you decide not to approve our use of cookies, this might impair the functionality and performance of our websites as some functions are dependent on cookies.


Blocking cookies may therefore mean that the websites’ services do not function as they should. This also means that your experience will be impaired and you may need to enter the same settings and selections each time you visit our websites. You may also be shown material that quite simply is not relevant to you.



Our Cookie Policy may be amended in the future. You will find more information about cookies from the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority.


Your security with us

Go to our Privacy Policy if you would like to find out more about your rights and how we protect your privacy. You are always welcome to contact us.


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